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For making reservations 1-2 days before your desired date of coming to the shooting range, please do so directly by telephone.

G.O.S.R. +1-671-828-1154 (Open-Close 9:30〜17:00)

*If you are making changes on your schedule or cancelling your reservation after your arrival in Guam, please contact us at 671-828-1154.
*Payment is expected on the day of your visit. We accept U.S.Dollars and Credit cards (VISA,MASTER,JCB) and T/C.

*Miscellaneous circumstances*

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Name First Name / Last Name
*If the name of the representative of your party is different from the name registered at the hotel where you are staying , please indicate to that effect in "Message".
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The date and the time of you wish to reserve      
*Those who wish to be met at 9:00, please select "10:00"; those who wish to be met at 12:30, please select "13:30".

Pick up

We do charge transfer fee --[Adults: $10/person]; [children (under 12 years old): $5/ child].
(If you are coming in a rental car, there would of course be no fees. Children under 2 years are not required to pay any fees for the "welcoming and sending-off" rides. )

If you need transfer, please select the time and the name of your hotel.
If you have not decided on a hotel, please select "Others (undecided)".
(To the customers who are coming in rental cars-- you must also indicate the name of your hotel.)

The name of your hotel :

* If you are sharing a ride with other customers, there may be times when you need to wait for about 10〜15 minutes beyond the time indicated as the time for your meeting.
*The travel time between the various hotels and the shooting range is approximately 50 minutes
* If you wish to be met at a time other than those given below, please contact us.
* The customers who are staying at Leopalace Resort, you will be met approximately 30 minutes beyond the time given above as the time when you will be met. (9:30 or 13:00).
The length of your stay The date of your arrival (month) (date)
-> The date of your return to your country (month) (date)
Your travel agency

Approximate number of people in your party

Those between the ages of 3~12
Under 2 years old

*Please choose the total number of people coming to this shooting range, including those who are observing, in addition to those who are shooting.
*If you increase the number of people already indicated and do so on the day when we come to meet you, there may be times we are unable to accommodate the increase. Please let us know in advance when you add more to your party.
* Information for the customer who is coming by himself/herself.

[To the under-age customers]
* Those under 15 years old must be accompanied. If accompanied, they are allowed to use this shooting range at any age.
* Those between the ages of 16~18 can use this shooting range unaccompanied, provided they have the consent form written by a guardian . Please download this document below, print it out, complete it and submit it.

"Download the 'consent form for shooting'(PDF)"


Address Line2
Telephone number
Cellphone number
E-Mail address


Basic course Basic A course US$ 60 
Basic B course US$ 85 
Basic C course US$ 110 
Basic D course US$ 170 
Basic E course US$ 220 
Advanced course Cowboy Course US$ 320 
Russian Course US$ 400 
US Military Course US$ 350 
Big gun ( Max Power Course ) US$ 400 
Tactical Course US$ 350 
Rifle Course US$ 350 
Assault Rifle Course US$ 500 
Professional Course US$ 700 
Trigger Happy Course US$ 950 
Ranger Course 1day US$ 750 
Ranger Course 2day US$ 1400 
Clay-pigeon-shooting course Clay-pigeon-shooting A course US$ 30 
Clay-pigeon-shooting B course US$ 50 
Clay-pigeon-shooting C course US$ 90 
Women's Course Women's Course A course US$ 30 
Women's Course B course US$ 40 
Women's Course C course US$ 50 
Couple course Gun salute course US$ 200 
Husband and wife course US$ 160 
Husband and wife Course for Seniors (For Over 60 years old) US$ 130 

Kids course

Kids course US$ 60 
Family course US$ 150 
Customize course Customize 100 course US$ 100 
Customize 200 course US$ 200 
Customize 300 course US$ 300 
Customize 400 course US$ 400 
Customize 500 course US$ 500 

Optional > License plates -- US$15/ plate 

> Easy Clay Shooting -- US$15/once  U.S.$2.00/One each additional 

> Fire balls -- U.S.$20.00/1 ball  
 *.223Rem(M4)or 7.62x39mm(AK)3 shots and rental fee included.

> 1 gallon (3.78L) PET bottle -- US$5/bottle  

> Concrete blocks, (use limited to shooting with Barrett) -- US$5/1 block  
> Charges on other standard sets that you bring with you -- US$10/1 set 

> Special lesson with Joe -- US$120/1 person    
 *We are unable to set up Basic Course, Family Course, Customized Course of 100 or 200.
 *It is a man-to-man lesson with the same contents as those of the Ranger Course.


After reading the Terms of Use given below, please click on the button, "For Confirmation Screen" .

GOSR terms of service

(1) Range fee of per/person [adult one person $10] and [child (aged 12 and below) one person $5] is added to a fee on the day.
*This is required for all person entering the range.

(2) For pick-up services, fee is [adult one person $10] [Child (aged 12 and below) one person $5]. (No charge aged 2 and below)
*It is unnecessary when you come by a rental car etc. directly.

(3) "Direction under pregnancy" and "psychiatric disorders, such as high blood pressure, cardiopathy, epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, and manic-depressive insanity,” cannot shoot.

(4) Course menu may be changed without a preliminary announcement.

(5) A guardian's company is [ child aged 15 and below ] needed.

(6) Cancellation fee: 1day prior:50% / on the day of the reservation:100% / 2day no cancelation fee.
*Above, exclude the visitor of attendance by rental car.
*Exclude the unavoidable reasons of flight delay in a hurry, a natural disaster, etc.

G.O.S.R. +1-671-828-1154 (Open-Close 9:30〜17:00)
E-mail (Only English is supported.)


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